Medical Service

  A high quality medical service is provided in the Academy on the basis of fully preserving the typical characteristics and features of TCM. In total, there are 1550 beds in the affiliated hospitals of the Academy. Xi Yuan Hospital and Guang An Men Hospital are classified as the national Grade Three and Class-A (the highest level) Hospitals and the national model TCM Hospitals. Wang Jing Hospital, also classified as the national Grade Three and Class-A, is a general hospital with specialty in orthopaedics and traumatology. Eye Hospital, classified as the national Grade Three and Class-B, is a general hospital with unique characteristics in TCM ophthalmology.

  Various clinical departments have been established in the affiliated hospitals, such as: internal medicine, surgery, genecology, pediatrics, acupuncture and moxibustion, anus-rectum, dermatology, tumor, urology, orthopedics and traumatology, Tuina(massage), ophthalmology, ENT, stomatology, Qigong and emergency, etc. And modern medical equipment has been installed in the departments, such as: CT, color ultrasound B, large X-ray, large biochemistry analyzer, flow cytometry, etc. In the clinical work, the doctors treat various kinds of common diseases, frequently-occurred diseases, and some of difficult and complicated cases of illness, mainly with the therapeutic methods of TCM, combined with modern medicine techniques. Thus, rich experiences and unique therapeutic effects have been obtained in some specific fields, such as: cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, wind stroke, tumor, digestive diseases, anorectal diseases, dermatologic diseases, urologic diseases, gastric diseases, geriatric diseases, blood diseases, ophthalmologic diseases and orthopedic and traumatic diseases. Therefore, all of the 4 hospitals of CACMS have enjoyed great prestige both at home and abroad.